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Date:13-12-2011 16:40
Subject:Offered: Watercolor Homage to Arthur Rackham by Mary Layton

Last few days to bid on this original painting!

Originally posted by copperwise at Offered: Watercolor Homage to Arthur Rackham by Mary Layton

Seller: Mary Layton

Offered: "The Apple Faery", a painting done as an homage to Arthur Rackham.  It is a 9" x 12" Watercolour and Ink painting on cold press watercolour paper.

Found as a wee babe wandering through the undergrowth dressed in an elaborately arranged collection of leaves, flowers, and feathers, Mary was raised in a small town in North Carolina. She's lived in NC, SC, and GA, but finds her favourite place to be is the UK, where her husband (who thinks she's a bit strange, but loves her just the same) is originally from. Unfortunately, he prefers the States, so Mary is stuck there for the time being. She consoles herself with water colour paints, coloured pencils, pen and ink, and her Wacom tablet creating creatures she'd like to be, or at least be friends with. She has a worrying addiction to Second Life and her husband expects to come home one day to find her chair gently rocking as if recently vacated and Mary waving at him from inside the computer screen.

Opening bid: $50

Auction ends at 5 p.m. Pacific Time, December 15th 2011

Please see Mod Note here for bidding instruction changes/reminders

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Date:16-08-2011 13:24
Subject:New syndication feed

So, yeahhhhh....

Since I can't have ping.fm include this journal in future updates, I've added a syndication feed from my blogger account:


Please follow, if you like. I'll be stopping by LJ occasionally, so will still be around some, but I don't know that I'll post to this account much - I'll still use it for commenting, of course!

I don't know how often the syndication thingy updates, but I'll probably be posting a new blog this week, so hopefully something will show up here! :D

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Date:10-08-2011 13:03
Subject:Recommended reading

Hi all,

I know, I know...I've been away forever. Between facebook, twitter, and life in general, I'm not very bloggy anyway, and what little bloggy-ness I've perpetrated has been at my blogspot journal (bluemoonatelier.blogspot.com). But, I wanted to share this, as I think it is excellent reading. It speaks about the current climate amongst a portion of the young in the UK, but the greater message applies to ANY youth in ANY country. I could easily apply her statements to the youth in the US. Read it, it's worth the time:


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Date:24-05-2010 13:36

"Raven's Key" Detail

Hello everyone!  The newest artwork is an original watercolour that I am auctioning via eBay called "Raven's Key"  100% of the proceeds of the sale of this artwork will benefit NF, Inc. an organization dedicated to providing support to individuals and families affected by Neurofibromatasis.  This auction is inspired by NF Inc.'s Doodle Day.

The painting is 6" x 4" on Arches Hot Press Watercolour Paper and is signed on the back (initialed on front) and the Raven was inspired by the character "Matthew" in Neil Gaiman's Sandman.

Prints and cards will be available once the auction is completed and my web site updated!

Auction Link: "Raven's Key" Charity auction on eBay

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Date:29-01-2010 11:46
Subject:Second Store update

I thought I'd post a little update about the new Second Life shop.  I've finished the shop at Caledon Cape Wrath and loaded it up with goodies (including a table of cool freebies).  Here's a look at the front and back of the shop:

And, this is the most recent creation - Valentine's Day themed (if a little 'goth' tinged), "Bleeding Hearts" Tiara and Earrings (the tiara is L$150, the earrings are free!):


Wow...blog posts 2 days in a row.  Who am I and what have I done with myself?!  :P

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Date:28-01-2010 14:00
Subject:Captain Jack, we hardly knew ye...

If you've not already seen Torchwood "Children of Earth" and are planning to, and don't want to be spoiled, you may want to skip this post. I'll try to keep the spoilage to a minimum, and give notice when I'm about to spill one, but you have been warned! Yes, I'm come a bit late to the table - we don't have BBC America and had to wait for the DVD.

My husband and I started watching "Children of Earth" thinking that it wasn't quite a new series of the show, but expecting it to be a special 'in-between' sort of thing - something to keep us all hooked until the next proper series. At the end of it, the impression we were left with was that the producers really wanted to end the whole show, and since they can't kill off the lead character, they decided to make him as unappealing as possible, so that no one would really mind if they never saw him again. I mean, there's 'warts and all' and then there's Terminally Fatal Character Flaw. The producers of Torchwood crossed that line with the treatment of Captain Jack Harkness in the finale of "Children of Earth".

We're used to finding out unsavoury things about Captain Jack's past. Let's face it, Jack wasn't a 'nice guy'. But, after all his adventures with The Doctor, and given his tenure with Torchwood, by the time Gwen Cooper joins the team, our Jack seems to be growing a soul. He's not perfect - he never was, and never will be - but he seems to have acquired a properly functioning moral compass for the most part. He's learned he can get what he wants without resorting to some of the habits of his past, and that approaching things with this new attitude often has more rewards than would have been gained had he fallen back on old tricks. During the previous two seasons, he's been tested and tempted plenty, but still managed to resist returning to full-on scoundrel ways. And, we've loved him for it. We want him to be the hero, and we expect there will be a price to pay. We expect he's still going to have to make some hard decisions and hurt those he loves (and who love him) along the way, but we expect that all this is done with the greater good in mind, and we expect there are certain lines that will not be crossed, or he will turn out to be no better than those he's charged with protecting us against.

"Children of Earth" unfolds over 5 episodes, or 'days', but I won't do synopses of each day here. As I said to my husband after we'd finished watching: 'It started so strongly, but ended so wrongly'. A quick look at IMDb shows that John Fay wrote episodes 2 and 4, James Moran penned episode 3, and series creator Russell T Davies wrote episodes 1 and 5. Now, to be honest, most of my least-favourite Dr Who episodes were penned by Davies. However, I have enjoyed his writing for the most part on Torchwood. Episode 1 of "Children of Earth" was exemplary, the middle three - wonderful. Episode 5 - not so much. As the story of Day 5 progressed it seemed to get even more and more far-fetched in places, characterizations were all over the place, and it just didn't seem to have the flow of the previous episodes in the tale. And then, there was the denouement - the moment when our hero, Captain Jack - the only man who CAN save the world, steps up and, yes, saves the world. Only, the way he did it meant that we could likely never find a redeeming characteristic in him no matter how much we wanted to.

*spoiler alert* under cutCollapse )

I give kudos to the wonderful John Barrowman for making the most of the material he was given, and I lay the fault of the ending at the writer's feet. Honestly, is that the only way it could have gone down? I think perhaps there was too much focus on other business within the story and way too little on the ending. It actually COULD have worked, had it been better written. We weren't given sufficient evidence that absolutely no other solution was possible, and there was not enough of a sense that Jack was even interested in trying anything else. The fact that he gave in too easily robbed the character of all the appeal he'd gained over the previous episodes of Torchwood and Dr Who. *This* is the Face of Boe? Angels and ministers of grace defend us!

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Date:15-12-2009 14:51
Subject:Blue Moon Atelier December News

Blue Moon Atelier - The Art of Mary Layton


15 December 2009


Here's the latest news from Blue Moon Atelier

Holiday Shipping:
This Friday, 18 December, is the last day to order to ensure shipping in time to arrive before Christmas (continental US only - we cannot guarantee Christmas delivery outside the US)!

New Artwork:
New art is now available in the Fantasy Gallery - new Yule-themed paintings entitled "Yule Masque" and "Bringing Yuletide Magic", and the highly anticipated "Mistress of the Key". This is one of Mary's most popular artworks to date, and heeding feedback received after the earlier releases at DeviantArt and the Blue Moon Atelier Facebook page, "Mistress of the Key" is available in the original graphite version, as well as the enhanced sepia-toned version.

Also available is "Christmas Cardinals", which can be found in the Miscellaneous Gallery. The Yule-themed paintings, and the sepia-toned "Mistress of the Key" are also available as Single Cards and Card Sets.

New Digital Stickers:
5 New Winter Holiday Tubes are available at FantasyScraps.com

Photographic Art:
Thanks to all who came out for Mary's nature-themed photo art debut at Wild Birds Unlimited in High Point on the 21st of November! Photographic art prints are now available on the web site in the Photo Art Gallery

Newsletter subscribers got a special discount code! Want to subscribe? Go here: http://www.marylayton.net/newsletter.php

"Bask in the moonlight,
commune with the animals,
and dance with the faeries!"

Blue Moon Atelier - The artwork of Mary Layton

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Date:05-11-2009 12:57
Subject:Remember, remember...

Today is the 5th of November, and for those in the UK (and for our household here in the States) it is Guy Fawkes Day, or "Bonfire Night". It is also the anniversary of my Mother's death. As you can imagine, that means this day is a mix of happy and sad. Happy memories of spending Bonfire Nights with family in the UK, and sad memories of losing my Mother.

However, this is also an opportunity to remember the happy times while my Mother was still alive. The silly things, the infuriating things, and such memories that come with a lifetime of someone in your life who raised you, taught you, whom you depended upon, and who depended upon you. I've recently been reading a book called "The Meme Machine", and it occurred to me that I have acquired a few Mom Memes. Mainly phrases that she used that have now become a part of our vocabulary, because of their amusing nature (sometimes intended, sometimes unintended). There are many, but here are a few of our favourites:

"Helleuwwww" - this is a bit of an exaggeration. Mom, being a southerner, had a bit of a southern drawl, and in particular, this seemed to have really come out in the form of a drawn out 'Hello' when answering the phone. My husband first mentioned it, as it was particularly noticeable to him, having come from England and having a 'different' dialect himself.

"Whadjaget?" - This phrase accompanied the arrival of mail for me...especially if it was a package. Graham once suggested sending me a "naughty" gift in the mail - I begged him not to, or to at least send it by way of a friend so I wouldn't have to do the show and tell. This phrase has haunted me since childhood - any time I was the recipient of a gift, whether Mom knew what it was or not, I was confronted with "whadjaget?" On Christmas mornings, as I was crawling under the tree to see what Father Christmas had left, I was serenaded with "whadjaget?" When it was time to look in the stocking (which, no matter how many times I told Santa that I didn't like walnuts ALWAYS contained a handful of unshelled walnuts), its being handed to me was accompanied by "whadjaget?"

"Floor it!" and "Goooooooo!" - Whenever Mom was a passenger in the car, and the light changed, one of those two phrases inevitably passed her lips. Less frequently, but no less passionately, "blow 'em off the road" was uttered if we found ourselves driving behind someone moving slower than Mom thought they should be.

Those are our favourites, and we say them to each other often when the situation permits, in fond remembrance of my Mother. So, although she's in my thoughts especially today, she always comes to mind when an occasion arises to use one of her 'Nancyisms'.

Tonight, we shall pour a glass of wine and say a toast to her in remembrance. We haven't any fireworks for celebrating Bonfire Night, but maybe we'll pop off a few of our favourite "Nancyisms" and allow them to spark the memories.

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Date:16-09-2009 13:48
Subject:Steampunk Goodness!

I know, I know - long time, no blog :P

Great Steampunky things are to be had this week. I shall tell you of some of them.

Firstly, Daniel Proulx, maker of outstanding jewellery, has created a video to tell the story of his work. It's lovely, and spooky, much like his jewellery (which can be purchased on Etsy)

Nextly, friend Brigid has updated her progress on the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Diptych - do swing by and have a look!

Lastly - if you are a fan of Steampunk, why haven't you ordered your I <3 Steampunk shirt yet?! Whatever are you waiting for?

Pardon? Oh, me? What am I up to? Well, I'm currently working on a Samhain/Hallowe'en painting (preview below), and have ideas for another (which I hope to find time to actually create before next month). Yes, the full colour Mistress of the Key is coming soon, and since you asked so nicely, yes, I will be offering the sepia-toned version as prints, too. There is an inked version available to license for tattoos at Enchanted Tattoo, and if you have it inked on you - I wanna see! :)

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Date:13-08-2009 22:16
Subject:This is truth.

Worth a read.  And, even though I don't post very often, especially when I've been caught up with other stuff, like lately - I read my friends' list everyday and am always sending vibes, celebrating with you, or feeling for you when you are down.  DBAD: http://fragbert.livejournal.com/442522.html

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Date:25-06-2009 10:04
Subject:LJ Advisory Board Elections
Mood: artistic

In case you hadn't noticed, the LJ Advisory Board Elections are under way. It may not seem like a big deal, but if you love LJ and want it to be there for you and grow in a way that pleases you, I recommend heading over here and having a look at the candidates and what their visions are for the future of LJ.  For my part, I'm supporting kylecassidy because I know him to be a stand-up guy and I like his vision for LJ, but do read the platforms of the other candidates as your mileage may vary, and you should have a 2nd and 3rd choice to vote for as well. Y'know, it only takes a minute or two to read through the candidate posts and then vote - just DO IT! ;-)

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Date:05-06-2009 17:40
Subject:Finished drawing and other rambles
Mood: chipper

In case you hadn't noticed, Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are dating. I first went 'hmmmmmmmmm' when I noticed them sharing a glass of wine during last autumn's Party on the Internet at Neil's place, but was in no doubt after seeing this photo by Kyle Freaking Cassidy last week on Neil's blog:

I mean, really. LOOK at that face - it's all right there! One of my favourite authors dating one of my favourite singer/songwriters. Good things will (and some have already) come of this.

I finished the pencil art I was working on. This is "Mistress of the Key", unless someone suggests a better name for her:

I am currently playing around painting her in Painter, so there will be this original graphite version as well as a colour version. Another sketch is in progress and will probably be rendered in watercolour:
No name for her yet, although I have some ideas.

I currently have no toilet. In my en suite, that is. Luckily, our house has 2 1/2 baths, so I'm not completely without recourse to toilet facilities. We discovered, a few days before going on holiday (photos of that event will be forthcoming), that we had a leak. About 6" of drywall above the floor had to be removed and replaced, and the linoleum was pretty shot as well. So, my husband removed the bog, tore up the lino, sanded the floor, and we are about to re-do that bathroom. I kinda wanted real tile anyway, so now's our chance.

I had to catch up all my season-ender shows online since we were in the UK when they aired, and watching very little telly. Of Lost, I have this to say: Dude! WTF?!!!!1111oneoneoneone!!!eleventyaarkvark

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Date:24-05-2009 22:30
Mood: artistic

Back from the UK and had a lovely time visiting with family. We took lots of photos, and I shall post some next week sometime - I've still got to download and sort them.

In the meanwhilst, I posted a sketch of the new work in progress in my last entry, and I've been working more on it this week, so I'm posting an update of the work:

First, this is further progress after a chat session with some stellar artist acquaintances where the ladies shared some critique and ideas for making it a better piece.

Here is the piece in it's current state. I think all that's left is to finish the border, and do some touch-ups if needed.

Prints will be available, and there may be a coloured version as well at some point.

Went to see the new Star Trek film on Friday and quite liked it. VERY action-packed, though - almost too much so. Hubby and I have decided that we may need to see it a second time. :P

Happy Memorial Day - don't forget to take some time out to think of those in the armed forces who gave their lives in battle, and send out some positive vibes to those who are still in harm's way.

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Date:01-04-2009 11:14
Subject:Random thoughts and a recipe

But first, this is quite possibly the funniest thing I've read since 9am:

Fiction World Rocked as Woman Claims No Sexual Attraction to Neil Gaiman http://short.to/3d0u

Just thought I'd share some random thoughts that occurred to me whilst browsing a freelance site:

Dude - you're only offering $5 for several hours of someone's time and you wonder why no one's bidding?

What are you people thinking - bidding on "clone PayPal/Western Union/etc. site" jobs? Are things so desperate for you that you'll accept payment for helping rob others of money/identity?

When you say you need a 'Simple static web site' in your posting title, and then say you want "Flash start page/e-commerce cart/database/full backend" - you do realize you're contradicting yourself, don't you?

There. Snark over.

It occurs to me that I once indicated that I'd post recipes on the blog occasionally - when I make something up and it seems to work, or when I find something everyone should know about, sort of thing. Well, I sort of made this one up - based on something my husband sort of made up. He usually baked his version, whilst I like my chicken pan-fried (but - not, you know, clog-yer-arteries-at-a-glance deep-frying, like). So, here's my lime-garlic chicken recipe:

Zesty Lime-Garlic Chicken
2 skinless, boneless chicken breasts
Juice of 1 medium lime
Garlic Powder
Sea Salt to taste
Ground Pepper to taste
Red Pepper (Cayenne) to taste

This can be marinated ahead of cooking, or just pop the spices on right before plunking it in a pan.

1. Place chicken breasts on a plate, or shallow dish. Squeeze lime juice over pieces. Add a pinch (or more to taste) of sea salt, ground black pepper, garlic powder, and red pepper powder. Turn breasts and repeat.

2. Heat extra-virgin olive oil to medium heat in a non-stick pan, using just enough to coat the surface of the pan (sometimes I use part olive oil, part butter for extra flavour and enhanced searing).

3. Place chicken (what would be) skin-side down in pan. Cook chicken breasts for about 8-10 minutes per side (depending on thickness), reducing heat to medium-low after the first 3-4 minutes of searing (the lime juice caramelizes a bit making for a nice browning).

It's very tasty, and relatively low-fat providing you don't go crazy with the olive oil or oil/butter blend.

I'll be updating the web site over the next several days - watch this space for news!

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Date:27-03-2009 14:16

One more original artwork added to Etsy-that's it for today! I promise! http://ping.fm/PmrAS

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Date:27-03-2009 13:35

I've added an original ACEO to my Etsy shop: http://ping.fm/D6zJy

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Date:25-03-2009 13:17

Framed original art work just added to my Etsy shop! http://ping.fm/wYYDn

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Date:07-03-2009 00:05
Subject:Help me fundraise for Red Nose Day!

Art for charity! I've created a Red Nose Day fund-raising page, and anyone who donates (no matter how small the amount) will get art from me - either an original sketch, inked or full-colour artwork, jewellery, or hand-embellished print. I'll surprise you - but it will either be created from scratch (artwork or jewellery), or a hand-embellished print.

To visit my Red Nose Day Giving page and sponsor me, click on the link below:


For more information about Red Nose Day visit www.rednoseday.com.

Thanks for your support!

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Date:06-03-2009 20:27
Subject:Tubes 'n' Tags, and becoming a better blogger

Tubes 'n' Tags

I am thrilled to be plugging FantasyScraps.com. I'm licensed there, and it is the only official source for images of mine to be used in PSP tubes and tags. Fantasy Scraps also features artwork by LA Williams, Brigid Ashwood, Jane Starr Weils, Ash Evans, Ruth Thompson, and Bill Plank. There will also be extensive digital scrapbooking collections to come! If you are a tuber, spread the word about this fantastic new site!

Becoming a better blogger
Yeah...like that's really going to happen. Well, maybe it will. See, it's about Ping.fm. Ping.fm allows me to update several social networks at once. Which means, I can blog, and have it on my personal blog (more on this to follow), LiveJournal, and MySpace in one step, instead of typing up a blog in one place and copy/pasting it to up to three other places. I'll still have to copy into Enchanted Folk and Deviant Art, if I want my blogs there, though - as Ping.fm doesn't update those services. I've got my LiveJournal posting into my Facebook page, so that one's covered, at least.

For my "official" journal - linked to my web site, I'd been using Movable Type, but customizing was a nightmare. I'd had a Blogger account for about 4 years, but had signed up only to comment on my friends blogs. Recently, I decided to play around with it and see if I could make it look like it belonged to me, sort of thing. I wound up customizing it and liking the look, so I started thinking of having it be the "official" blog, since I wouldn't (hopefully) have to re-design the bloody layout after every software update. Unfortunately, I can't incorporate it into my site as designed on the blogger site as it's considered an 'upgraded' template. I know folks have personalized blogger-driven blogs on their own web sites, without needing to dedicate a whole domain to it (Neil Gaiman and his PA Fabulous Lorraine, for example), but I'm not sure how they managed it, and without a nice step-by-step tutorial on doing that (which I've yet to find), I'm leaving the blog on the blogger (or, blogspot, more accurately) site and linking to it from my personal web site. At least the blog now looks like part of my web site! I'm keeping my LiveJournal as well - thanks to Ping.fm, I can update it at the same time with posts to my personal blog as well, and still keep super-personal posts at LJ for friends-only. I've also got a feedburner account, which means one can subscribe to receive my bloggings via email, if they like. So, official blog is now at http://ping.fm/NkaHS LJ for super-personal friends-only stuff, and the MySpace blog will just mirror the 'official' posts (when it works - it's a bit hit and miss for ping.fm to manage a MySpace blog posting for some reason).

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Date:02-03-2009 18:07
Subject:Snowy photies!

It's become a rare occurrence, but once in a while, we get a nice snowfall in NC. Last night, around 7pm, the snow began after a day of mostly rain, and freezing rain, occasionally mixed with sleet. I'm one of those folks who like the snow, so first thing this morning, I grabbed the camera and took some shots (clickening for embiggening where permitted):

A Yellow-rumped Warbler came to visit

more snowy goodness...Collapse )

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